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"Combination of industry and learning, school-enterprise cooperation" model

       For a long time,Higher education in our country emphasizes theory rather than practice,Science and engineering colleges serve to train academic and engineering talents,Resulting in academic engineering talents and technical talents between the fault,At present, the society is in urgent need of a large number of technical talents who can timely transform scientific and technological achievements into material products and practical production and service。However, geological prospecting units have been in a downturn for a long time,Resulting in unreasonable talent structure,The academic theory foundation is not strong,Geological talent has faults and other problems,当前,Geological prospecting units are in the best period to start rising,How to make geological prospecting units cooperate with geological universities,Make up for their current shortcomings,Is an urgent question。The current popular model of "combination of industry and education and cooperation between schools and enterprises" can not only give play to the respective advantages of schools and enterprises, but also jointly train talents needed by the society and the market, which is one of the win-win models for universities and enterprises (society)。Strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises,The combination of teaching and production,The two sides of the school and enterprise support each other, mutual penetration, two-way intervention, complementary advantages, mutual use of resources, benefit sharing,It is to realize the modernization of college education and enterprise management, promote the development of productive forces, and accelerate the academic education of enterprises' own talents,An important way to make education and production sustainable。It can be seen that the combination of industry and education is an effective means to promote the development of science and technology, economy and enterprises, and school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to run college education well, promote the vitality of cooperative enterprises, and train the first-line specialized talents in production, construction, management and service。
       There are many ways to combine school and enterprise。In terms of school-running forms, there are vocational schools run by enterprises, vocational schools run enterprises, "order education", vocational schools and enterprises jointly run schools, vocational education groups and so on。As far as the construction of the teaching staff is concerned, there are hired "engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and personnel with special skills in enterprises to serve as part-time teachers in vocational schools", and teachers in vocational schools to "social practice" and squat investigations。As far as teaching is concerned, the most common is "please come in, go out" and so on。Different ways, each has its own strengths, the important thing is to adapt to the "place", focusing on the "combination"。Due to "local" measures, that is, according to school conditions and professional requirements to decide the form of school-enterprise combination。At present, the best way is for universities and enterprises to carry out "production, learning and research" cooperation。
       The combination of production, learning and research is an important way of technological innovation。The intellectual resources possessed by institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions determine that they are suitable for carrying out scientific research and tackling key problems in combination with key technologies in industrial upgrading。The enterprise is the main body of innovation, that is, the main body of investment, research, benefit distribution and risk responsibility。The relationship between the various actors is concluded through the sharing of interests。
       The combination of industry, learning and research is an important form of institutional innovation and technological innovation, which can promote the institutional innovation and technological innovation of enterprises。The "intellectual" resources of universities and scientific research institutions flow to enterprises through cooperation,Combined with the production and manufacturing technology of enterprises,New combinations of enabling technologies;Through the mutual communication and exchange between scientific and technological personnel, scientific and technological personnel and management personnel, marketing personnel and production workers,Realized the new combination of talents;All aspects of the industry, universities and research have a variety of information including the latest scientific and technological developments, new technology development and new product production process, production supply and demand and policy and regulatory information,Through the combination of production, study and research together,The effective combination and comprehensive utilization of information are realized.A new economic and technological entity jointly established by all parties,It provides new organizational resources for knowledge and technology innovation,Improve the overall effectiveness of the enterprise organization,It ensures the stable supply and effective combination of technology, talent, information and other resources needed for innovation。This relationship of mutual demand and interdependence is the basis for the maintenance of the relationship between production, university and research。A lot of practice is clear: the combination of production, learning and research is the process of a new combination of production factors。This process is actually the process of institutional innovation and technological innovation of enterprises。Through the combination with colleges and universities or scientific research institutions, enterprises can realize the new combination and complementarity of production factors, obtain economic benefits, and improve their own technical level。In turn, the improvement of the technical level of enterprises has also prompted universities and scientific research institutions to further improve the level of science and technology, carry out a new round of knowledge innovation, and absorb enterprises to continue to cooperate。
       Give full play to the information advantages of enterprises, including market demand information, practical technical information and so on。Whether enterprises can provide such information in a timely manner and whether schools can fully pay attention to and use such information is the premise of sincere and substantive cooperation。As mentioned above, the most important vocational ability is the innovation ability to obtain market information, adjust production structure and product technical performance according to market demand and scientific and technological progress。Only when both sides pay attention to give full play to the information advantages of enterprises, and use this to determine or timely adjust the professional Settings, training goals, it is possible to train high-quality, strong skills to truly adapt to the needs of social and economic development。Only this combination has positive significance and practical value。
       Give full play to the technological advantages of enterprises。Enterprises gather a large number of production, service of the first line of practical technical personnel, market demand, new technology, new technology, it is through their smart brain, dexterous hands to transform into new products。Whether schools can wholeheartedly rely on them, whether enterprises can wholeheartedly let them teach students, this is the key to whether students can effectively improve their professional ability, but also an important indicator to measure the success or failure of school-enterprise cooperation。
       Give full play to the advantages of enterprise facilities and equipment。Whether schools and enterprises are willing to use production workshops (sites, facilities, and equipment) as students' practice bases, not only as comprehensive practice bases before students graduate, but more importantly as regular practice teaching bases, which is an important condition for students to effectively improve their vocational abilities。Because let the students every once in a while to production, service to the front line,Accept business management,In the actual production position to accept the old master hand by hand teaching,Work and live with the employees of the company,You can personally experience the strict production discipline, meticulous technical requirements,Feel the hardship of labor, the value of collaboration, and the joy of success,This not only allows students to directly understand the technical requirements of specific production positions,Improve professional ability,For graduation and employment,To take the post is to lay the foundation for the work,And to cultivate students' organizational discipline concept, good professional ethics, serious and responsible work attitude,As well as hard and simple style of life, unity and cooperation team spirit and firm optimistic attitude to life are of great help。Geological industry is a very strong industry in theory and practice, the role of geological practice base will be self-evident。
       Practice has proved that the school-enterprise cooperation between enterprises and colleges and universities and the return to society is a public welfare undertaking of great significance, which is a beneficial practice and important measure to implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education and strengthening the country through talents, and promote the construction of a harmonious society。From the perspective of the college, we hope to further strengthen the cooperation with enterprises through the cooperation between production, university and research, make breakthroughs in the combination of production, university and research, and achieve a "win-win" cooperation between the school and the employer.。In the future, in addition to the "primary level" cooperation relationship such as the construction of internship bases, it will gradually be extended to the cooperation in the construction of professional laboratories, the cooperation in the reform of the existing talent training model, the cooperation in the establishment of education funds and other forms of cooperation to promote the accelerated growth of universities and enterprises。
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