Enterprise Introduction. Enterprise Introduction

       Hunan Huaguan Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a company whose main business is education consulting, school-enterprise cooperation industrial development, education industry development and investment management, education product research and development, and school-running project planning,The company is located in Hengyang City, the most prosperous economic lot - crystal bead square business circle,At present, branches have been set up in Changsha, Zhuzhou and Huaihua,It is a leader in setting up middle and high-end specialized school-enterprise cooperation classes in Hunan Province,Covering multiple source counties (urban areas) inside and outside the province。The company belongs to the Galaxy Education Group, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Hunan Zhongzhi, the establishment of Zhongzhi Hengyang branch。At present, the company has carried out school-enterprise cooperation of modern apprenticeship model with various secondary schools and colleges in Hunan Province, offering majors such as: transportation, preschool education, cross-border e-commerce, ophthalmology technology, etc., cultivating nearly 1,000 students。

Our Philosophy. Our philosophy

       We have always adhered to the business philosophy of "Erudite and enterprising, education and win-win, professional excellence, responsibility and reputation",Focus wholeheartedly on the vocational education system,To "do education with heart,Quality to win the word of mouth "for the enterprise slogan,We are committed to co-construction of secondary vocational and higher vocational colleges,For the society and employing enterprises to cultivate with high skills, high-quality professional skills personnel,Train students to be independent personalities,Individuals who can express themselves freely and create value!

Our Team. Our team

       Huaguan Education team is a team full of enthusiasm, perseverance, progress, the pursuit of better is the characteristics of Huaguan education。How far a person can go depends on who he walks with, Huaguan education team is a team full of ideals and passion, is a vigorous and energetic team, but also a professional and humane excellent team!

Enterprise Environment. Enterprise environment

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