Cross-border e-commerce

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Professional Introduction:
       Cross-border e-commerce refers to a kind of international commercial activity in which transaction subjects belonging to different customs reach transactions, conduct payment and settlement through e-commerce platforms, and deliver goods and complete transactions through cross-border logistics。With the advent of the "Internet +" era in 2015, cross-border e-commerce has stood on the cusp of the capital market。Cross-border e-commerce is expected to become a tool to hedge the step down of export growth。China's export growth has slowed dramatically in recent years as the terms of international trade have deteriorated and demand in Europe and Japan has remained weak。The development pace of new trade represented by cross-border e-commerce is gradually accelerating in recent years, and is expected to become a new growth engine for China's trade and even the entire economy。
       In the next few years, cross-border e-commerce will develop rapidly, and cross-border e-commerce transactions will account for about 20% of the total import and export trade in 2017。The leading is still the export electricity supplier, accounting for about 80%, is expected in the next few years, China's export electricity supplier transaction scale will still maintain a growth rate of 20%-25%, in 2017 will reach 6.64 trillion in size。In the future, with the further breakthrough of cross-border logistics, payment and other links and the further improvement of the profitability of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, the industry will usher in a golden development period。
       In the future, the focus of China's cross-border e-commerce will shift from B2C to B2B, and B2B of e-commerce has greater development potential。In particular, by promoting the online production of manufacturing enterprises, promoting the transformation of foreign trade integrated service enterprises and modern logistics enterprises, and making joint efforts from the production and sales end, it has become the main strategy for the development of cross-border trade e-commerce。

Employment advantage:
       Internet industry upstarts, order training, recommend employment, encourage entrepreneurship。With the rapid emergence of cross-border e-commerce industrial parks in 2017, cross-border e-commerce merchants will be difficult to find, and salaries in the province can reach more than 4,000, and coastal cities can reach more than 8,000。The teaching mode adopts the corporate system,Students can register companies at school,Introduce excellent cross-border e-commerce platforms at home and abroad,Such as Jingdong, Aliexpress, ebay, Amazon, wish, Dunhuang and so on,The main positions are divided into online marketing, product development, copywriting design, customer service, art, cross-border e-commerce operation and overseas purchasing。Implement the tutorial system, equipping each team with professional mentors, and cultivate students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability through elite education。
       Cross-border e-commerce professional market is broad, the competition situation is relatively loose at this stage, and reduce the threshold to enter the global market, improve brand awareness, to face foreign consumers, low operating costs, large profit margins, coupled with the state continues to introduce supportive policies, cross-border internal environment is good。Cross-border e-commerce has set up a customized order class for enterprises and industries to train practical cross-border e-commerce talents, and can be employed with high salaries after graduation。During the school period, students can not only join cross-border e-commerce studios and cross-border e-commerce practice centers, but also apply for their own cross-border e-commerce companies。The real e-commerce practice, the teaching mode of going to class and going to work, has changed the boring learning method in the past, and allowed students to enter the era of entrepreneurial practice and become excellent cross-border e-commerce experts。
Employment direction:
       For cross-border e-commerce enterprises and cross-border e-commerce industrial parks inside and outside the province, we cultivate interdisciplinary cross-border e-commerce professionals who are engaged in cross-border e-commerce procurement, domestic and foreign store operation, copywriting planning, logistics clearance, customer management, network marketing and overseas purchasing。Students can engage in cross-border e-commerce procurement, domestic and foreign store operation, copywriting planning, logistics customs clearance, customer management, online marketing and overseas purchasing in cross-border e-commerce enterprises such as Alibaba and Amazon and government cross-border e-commerce industrial parks。

Author: Hua Guan Education

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