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Professional Introduction:
       Internet marketing is also known as network marketing,Internet marketing is based on the Internet,The use of digital information and the interactivity of network media to achieve marketing objectives is a new marketing way,The Internet marketing major is based on the Internet,The emerging "Internet +" frontier specialty that uses the interactivity of digital information and online media to achieve marketing goals,The aim is to cultivate marketing website construction,Web design,Marketing promotion,Network services and management capabilities,Capable of website maintenance and optimization,Website promotion,Network marketing planning,Network consulting and other work of technical understanding,Understand marketing,Understand the management of practical Internet marketing talent。

Employment advantage:
       Since Internet users are increasing at a rate of 100% per year, the talent gap in the e-commerce industry and Internet marketing industry is quite alarming, conservative estimates are that about 2 million e-commerce and Internet marketing professionals will be needed in the next 10 years。
       Network media has a wide range of dissemination,Fast speed,There is no time or place limit,No time layout constraints,Detailed content,Multimedia transmission,Vivid image,Two-way communication,Rapid feedback and other characteristics,This greatly reduces the cost of marketing information dissemination;Network marketing has no store rental costs,It can reduce the inventory pressure of enterprises and reduce operating costs;And Internet marketing services are more personalized,More convenient access to business opportunities and decision-making information;
       The international Internet covers the global market, through her, business marketing can easily and conveniently enter any country's market, especially the second WTO ministerial meeting decided not to impose tariffs on network trade before the next ministerial meeting, Internet marketing more enterprises set up a green channel to the international market。
       With the development of the Internet and the promotion of national policies for Internet +, as well as the extensive development of "individual enterprises" around the country, the number of small and medium-sized Internet enterprises in China is constantly increasing, and the scale is also expanding, becoming an important part of today's social economy。At the same time, because Internet enterprises have a huge demand for network marketing professionals because of their own business attributes, and small and medium-sized Internet enterprises are very welcome to network marketing graduates。
Employment direction:
       Network marketing covers all industries, in different industries due to different needs to produce different focus positions, such as:
       Overall strategic planning: market analysis, competitive analysis, audience analysis, brand and product analysis, unique selling proposition refining, creative strategy development, overall operation step planning, input and expectation setting。
       Marketing website: website structure, visual style, website columns, page layout, website functions, keyword planning, website SEO, design and development。
       Communication content planning: brand image copywriting planning, product sales concept planning, product sales copywriting planning, investment promotion copywriting planning, product word-of-mouth copywriting planning, news information content planning, and various advertising text planning。
       Integrated communication and promotion: SEO ranking optimization, blog marketing, Weibo marketing, forum marketing, knowledge marketing, word of mouth marketing, news advertorials marketing, video marketing, event marketing, public relations activities and other viral communication methods。
       Data monitoring operation: website ranking monitoring, communication data analysis, statistical analysis of the number of website visits, visitor population analysis, consultation statistical analysis, web browsing depth statistical analysis, popular keyword access statistical analysis。

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